El Capitano`s Recipes

Here you will find all the recipes that have been posted on Jolly Sailor, to find the recipe you simply have to go to blog archive and select the month mentioned below:

 Hot Smoked Salmon with Linguine - February 2015

Mediterranean Asparagus - May 2013

Spicy Chicken with Fresh Tomato and Aubergine - November 2012

Lobster and Broad Bean Paella - October 2012

Valentines Day Chicken - February 2012

Spanish Pork with Olives - October 2011

Swordfish with Couscous and Tomato Sauce - 1August 2011

Chickpea Salad - August 2011

Summer Inspired Pea and Mint Risotto - July 2011

Zingy Aubergine and Courgette Pasta - July 2011

Chorizo and Tomato Pasta - July 2011

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